6 comments on “Respect! …

  1. Your words are very euphonic and the metaphor with the wine works very well. I’m having difficulty with the meaning of the word ‘regard’ as as used in the poem but overall this is an enjoyable read.

    • Regard at one place is used as a verb and at another place as a noun. In “Regard you can’t”, it is verb, meaning you can’t respect or be considerate for. Whereas in “Regard ends at”, it is a noun meaning that respect’s boundaries end at trust’s brink i.e. where trust ends, so does respect. 🙂
      Thank you for such valueabke input and helping me learn. I really appreciate your asking what you felt you wanted to know. 🙂
      Glad that you found it a good read….

  2. Very very true and beautiful. Respect people for what they actually are from inside…And as usual, your poetry ends up with the Love divine…. Amazing. The art work is excellent too.

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