16 comments on “A Lowly Hill (A Haiku)…

  1. Thank you for this post, Syed. I agree that the media can take a narrow focus on stories and make problems seem more widespread than they are. They can show a thousand people rioting and looting and ignore the fact that millions are living peacefully.
    I remember when Iran held the American hostages and the crowds were on tv every night chanting, ‘Death to America,’ one news crew walked just two blocks away and found people working on their cars, buying groceries and playing with their children.

    • Violence is a very small part of “Life” as a whole. Pakistan used to be a popular tourism spot for her northern areas (which includes Himalyas, Korakoram and Hindukush Mountain Ranges) and also for the beauty of Sindh and Balochistan. But nowadays when someone realizes one is from Pakistan, the first thing that comes to their minds is Terrorism. Yes, there is unrest (most of which is politically based) but even then it is a small part of our lives. People out there are afraid of Muslims as a violent people, well it is just common sense that more than 50% of the world population right now is Muslim. If we were a violent people, wouldn’t this whole world be at war and every other people wiped off? My belief is that no religion/community as a whole is violent. But simce media cares about “Ratings” too much, we are. I’ve been to many recordings and T.V talk shows, and behind the camera, all they care about is what will increase their ratings…
      Anyhow, thank you for your views… πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! The first one looks like Scotland, the second one much bigger mountains, kissing sky’s feet. It is the lowly ones that keep the world going and bring about the right changes. Too often attention is on those at the top, with the power, manipulating and corrupting for their own self-interests. Love to you and your mother. I’m sure Pakistan is very beautiful and full of beautiful people like yourself. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful πŸ™‚ I think there should be an unwritten but recognised rule that the media report at least 50% positive stories, rather than one or two token ones we get now (if we are lucky). It completely warps people’s perspective of the world. I wouldn’t like it to be all positive so that people think everything is OK and nothing needs to change, but as it is, it disempowers people and makes them think the world is a terrible place and that violence is a necessary evil. I believe most violence is a completely unnecessary corruption of innocents and innocence. Love

    • I agree that good and bad both need to be portrayed. Good so that it may be promoted, bad so that it might be curbed. Although, definitions of good and bad vary throughout the world, but mostly it is similar. πŸ™‚

  4. Love the haiku! And I want to visit Pakistan too undoubtedly. I’m a history buff so places like Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Taxila have caught my interest since I was a kid :D. Have you seen those sites? And of course the mountainous regions must be heavenly!

    • Well, I’ll visit those one day, for sure… I would have but didn’t get a chance yet (It’s been only 2 years since I came here.)…. I might simply fill up the fuel tank and drive there one day, for sure…. I really want to…

      • Do post pics or something if you do visit. Would love to see them :D. Where in India is your granny’s birthplace? It would be great if you visited! πŸ™‚
        And I’ve been thinking of visiting Pakistan too but it hasn’t been possible – but maybe some day!

      • It’s in UP where she belongs to. Somewhere maybe Baliya…. we still have relatives there. Pakistan is safer than it’s portrayed on media… although there’s always been a mutual mistrust between India and Pakistan regardning tourists from across the border…..

      • Yeah I know what you mean. But that’s unfortunate. We have more in common than we realise, but ultimately I think it’s not the people but the governments who try to make India and Pakistan look like sworn enemies. Things should change. High time they do


  6. Statistics are a fools tool – bent and twisted to say whatever is needed to quell or ignite..
    Peace can only be achieved when our children are taught respect and accept all differences especially the ones that differ from the majority. No one man should rule another on any space of land.

    May peace be something we can all achieve sooner than later.

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