14 comments on “To Pen & Paper…

  1. I fully agree with you Umr. words typed on keyboard seem to be lost in air. if we forget to save them by pressing CNTR S, then no proof is there. but words written on paper remain for ages until burned šŸ™‚
    very well written šŸ™‚

  2. Thoughtful, beautiful to ponder…I feel that the energy is in the heart, the fingertips if needed that in essence there is a “flow” and for each of us we feel it or become a conduit for it using what ever pointers and anchors needed. I do love your thinking…., Linda

  3. I am a Dino – cannot replace my ink for laptop keys – first it is always on paper! Lovely to know my pack still exist! Truly relished your poem, you have stunning manifestation. Cheers.

  4. Some days I can sit at the keyboard and the words flow. Other days it takes scratch paper and either pen or pencil for the poetry to manifest itself, but I’m happy to use whatever means is necessary for the words to come… Love this poem.

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