10 comments on “A Blink of Wine

  1. it would be interesting to have u paraphrase the entire poem, for us who are slow of perception …that be me..lol 🙂

    i am fascinated by this type of poetry ..ghazal…thank u 4 sharing. will check it out.

    • 1st stanza: “To me time and wine are somewhat similar, Time makes one forget, or at least suppresses, the grievances. So as a drunkard may resort to wine, I hope for time to do that work for me.”
      2nd stanza: “Here similarity between wine and tears is mentioned. Letting a few tears out too has that effect. So world might see them as tears being shed, I see it as wine being poured.”
      3rd stanza: “Here wine is mentioned as wine. Here I refer to a habit which I have, mumbling things (specially poetry) in a low voice to myself. And people, if they see me, finding it weird.
      4th stanza: “Again I go back to the pattern which was there. Writing too is a way to suppress sorrows, … or letting out stress.
      5th stanza: “This is a complex one, I myself don’t have much Idea of how exactly to put it. “Life” is a reference to myself. In ghazals a poet refers to him/herself through names, directly or indirectly, mentioning them. “Umer” has more more than one meaning, “Life” being one of them, “Age” another.

  2. 1. time and wine ARE escapes…agree :)…they both heal in their own way…sometimes…not always 🙂
    2. Tears are cleansing as could pouring wine
    3. Thinking aloud to ourselves is positive…reinforcing what needs to be affirmed …in our own minds 🙂
    4. our ink pours out our passions..yes……dont know if it calms the woes.. 🙂
    5. Life can be overwhelming and our emotions can dominate and drown us…

    thank you for sharing the explanation. You are very thoughtful of your readers. 🙂

    • Well, to explain it further, … the wine mentioned throughout (other than in 3rd stanza) is a kind of a spiritual wine. What is mostly mentioned in “Sufi-ismic” terms. It is not liquour but is the wine of Love. One True Love, or of The One 🙂
      I find most of my inspiration and thoughts through what people might call “Sufiana Kalaam” in urdu. I hope this will clarify it further 🙂

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