11 comments on “Hate-Speech??? (A Senryū and A Haiku)

  1. Beautiful poetry and a message well needed and well penned. Thank you for helping others know the Oneness of us all. I honor you for your loving words. hugs, pat

  2. Do not be fooled by appearances. No segment of society represents all people in the world or their beliefs. Who are the few who are working behind the scenes to keep the world at each others throats? To take all you see and all you are told at face value is to continue to be the puppet of the hidden powers who are continually pulling your strings. There are far more acts of love occurring in the world each day than hatred, why do they not grab as much press as a video? I do not condone hatred, but I also do not condone naivety. We have all been, and continue to be guilty of both.

    • There is much wisdom in these comments. We must begin to look at why there are generations of wars and hatred. While there are not so hidden powers instigating this, we each have the ability to say, “No more!” Change is the responsibility of each of us. Good writing here! hugs, pat

    • Human beings tend to be emotional, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. It is emotion that makes us act to reach out to others, empathy is an emotion, is it not. But it is also emotion which makes human beings respond violently sometimes.
      Those who know how to use such things for their gain use it so. Exactly as you said, people tend to act as puppets with strings in the hands of wrong puppeteers. These puppets, however, are capable of thoughts, they can snatch their string and either keep to themselves or subdue to those who are better.
      Media needs ratings, views, etc etc… so if mis-representation of a society gets them what they want, they’ll do that. It’s always been divide and rule. Sadly we allow them to divide us.

  3. And that is why we are allowed to have choices – chocolate or vanilla, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, atheist. The thing that ties us together is all of our prophets/messiahs/rabbis etc. all say, love one another. And if we love one another, we do the best of all things and will live in peace. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. Thank you for helping us understand your religion. History shows that more wars have been fought in the name of religion than any other reason. May we all learn to live in peace.

    • My belief is that it is not religion which is the cause of wars, were there no religions as well, human politics would still have found reasons for wars… Islam allows wars only for defence or to curb oppression of people. =)

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