23 comments on “To My Umbrella.

  1. Absolutely beautiful haiku. I cannot imagine your loss, but your fighting spirit and reverence for your father is something fully worthy of admiration. I am touched by this post. May your father rest in peace and may Allah always keep him close

    • Grievances are a part of life, he lived well. He lived an exemplary life. Literally thousands attended his funeral, Muslims, Christians, Hindus. They came inside a Masjid (Mosque) though they were non-muslims. Locals came in wonder and asked if it were a celebrity or someone famous, though he was none. Just another ordinary person.So you can imagine. 🙂
      Life goes on, one life’s passing away should not hinder others’ passing of their lives, though effects and changes that come are dramatic…

  2. I lost my dad 5 years ago because of cancer too…this is beautiful. I understand what you saying “My feelings for him are beyond words, neither can I try to put them so” because that love you have for him is beyond anything. All I can say his soul is with the light and it transcends.

  3. Beautiful poetry. I’m sorry you don’t have your father now. I lost my father in December 1999. He also was a good and a kind man.

  4. Such beautiful haiku. Reminds me of my Dad as well. My Dad passed away two years ago. It was so unexpected. I like the thought of thinking of him as my umbrella.

  5. Thank you for your visit to my memory. While I didn’t always agree or like my father – I did love him.
    Even after 12 years… I regret the time we didn’t spend together.

    Your verse is a fitting and loving tribute.

  6. This is such a beautiful post… Your last line about cancer always losing in the end fills me with hope… I have never thought about it in those terms… Thank you…

    From sun and from storms,
    Keeping me safe and sound.
    You were the Umbrella!

    Beautiful dedication to your father – I think those words would honor any good father…

  7. Such a wonderful, sad story, sorry for your loss. Reminds me of when I lost someone dear to me when I was just 16 years old. It was my Grandmother, she was my rock. This is weird but a few nights ago I dreamed of her. Good luck with your life and God Bless.

  8. Beautiful tribute to your father. We share the loss of a wonderful father to cancer. Your sentiments are the same as mine in terms of the outcome of the battle. My father always said he was in a win/win situation…miracle of beating cancer or miracle of eternal life in heaven.

  9. I also lost my father to cancer. Loss….. gain….. I think I still reap the blessing of his life and influence, although he has been gone since 2004. I wrote a (fictional) piece on my blog telling the story of a son whose father has died. No matter where we are in the world, the humanity that inhabits this planet all share in the love of our children and grief at the passing away of loved ones.

    I enjoy reading your work. Thank you!

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